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Illinois Should Avoid the Ice Cream War

Marilyn Katz Crain's Chicago Business
Ben & Jerry's move to stop selling its products in Israeli settlements in the West Bank shouldn't take up the state's time and resources.

Israel’s Covert UK Campaign: An Insidious Threat To Be Feared

Robert Grenier Al Jazeera
The resignation of Shai Masot, the Israeli embassy’s senior political officer, is the latest fallout from Al Jazeera’s six-month investigation of Israel’s plot to influence UK politicians, which included a political “hit list” and “taking down” a British cabinet minister who criticized Israeli settlement policy. A former CIA station chief warns of such “insidious threats” and the “shame” of those who passively allow their institutions to be suborned by a foreign power.


Palestinian BDS National Committee Palestinian BDS National Committee
Ten years of siege, two years since the 2014 Israeli massacre - it’s high time for accountability and for a two-way military embargo on Israel!

Tidbits - January 16, 2014

Reader Comments - Kshama Sawant's election; The Vietnam Antiwar Movement; AFL-CIO's new road; Imagine: Living in a Socialist USA; Religious Freedom, or Reproductive Freedom; Israel Boycott Movement Controversy; Chris Christie; Bill de Blasio; Announcements - Chicago (Jan. 18); New York (Jan. 21, 24 and 30); Bay Area (Jan. 22) Today in History
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