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Schumer Spoke for Diaspora Jews

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
Schumer was giving voice to what most Democratic officeholders believed but were afraid to say, and he clearly had the blessing of President Biden to go ahead and make that speech. It also showed the divide between Israeli Jews and diaspora Jews.

Explaining Israel’s ‘Intelligence Failure’ on Hamas

Nyki Duda The Progressive
Discussion about the failure to see that Hamas had the capability and intent to do what it did isn’t being linked to something that would be obvious to any historian of colonialism: these intelligence failures are inherent to any colonial project.

On Solidarity and War Crimes

Daniel Spector Thoughts-letter Substack
To say that Hamas’ attack was a war crime does not excuse or divert attention from Israel’s history of war crimes, or equate what Hamas did with what Israel has been doing for 75 years.
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