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Friday Nite Videos | May 19, 2023

Jim Jordan Shut Down at 'Whistleblower' Hearing. Masters Of War | Bob Dylan (The RoJ LiGht Cover). Malcolm X at 98 | Angela Davis. We Talked to The Wire’s David Simon About the Writers' Strike. Pussy Riot's Powerful Message to Vladimir Putin.

Dems and the Folly of Micromanaging the Trump Spectacle

Josh Marshall Talking Points Memo
What is going to stop ex-President Trump from returning to the White House is voters refusing to vote for him. Indictments and prosecutions can play a role in that inasmuch as they are the society communicating to itself what is okay and what is not. They can play a role in shaping public opinion but they are no replacement for an election.


On the Frontline of the Meme Wars

Mary Fitzgerald Prospect
This book, writes reviewer Fitzgerald, is a "rigorous, meticulously detailed narrative of how right-wing internet subcultures came to dominate US media and politics—and 'memed' Trump into office."
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