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How Alabama Communists Organized in the Jim Crow South

Robin D.G. Kelly, Daniel Denvir Jacobin
In 1930s Alabama, Communist Party members fought brutal repression to organize black and white workers in the Jim Crow South. Their efforts remain a source of inspiration for those fighting racism and exploitation today.

This Week in People’s History, Jan 30-Feb 5

Cartoon depicting improper post-war cooperation between the U.S. military and Nazi soldiers Nazis in the Woodwork (in 1964), Nixon's Crime-Control (1969), Sorry, We Forgot the Casing (1969), Slavery By Another Name (1909), Segregated Schools in NYC? Sure. (1964), E.P. Thompson at 100 (1924), Ugly Americans (1899), Justice Delayed (1994)

This Week in People’s History, Jan 2 – 8

Theater balcony heavily damaged by fire Deadly Fire's Legacy (in 1904), Forgotten Respect for Radicals (1939), Big Money in Lies (1954), So Long, Subway Tokens (1994), Racism wins, then loses (1959), Innocent man freed after 22 years (1939), FBI Finds "Right Kind" of Black Leader (1964)

Our Supposedly Glorious Past Existed Only for Some

Esau McCaulley New York Times
Where can African Americans find this lost golden age? Do we discover it during the first centuries of the Republic when slavery was the law of the land? Do we fast forward to the Red Summer, Jim Crow laws, “strange fruit” hanging from poplar trees?

Tidbits – July 20, 2023 – Reader Comments: Hollywood Strike To Limit AI Is for You and Me – We Are All Extras; DeSantis Using State Guard As Private Army; Negro League, Baseball Integration the Left; Hollywood Labor Films; Robert Reich; War on Women

Reader Comments: Hollywood Strike to Limit AI is for You and Me - We Are All Extras; DeSantis Using State Guard as Private Army; Negro League, Baseball Integration, the Left; Hollywood Labor Films; War on Women - Russia Says Give Birth Early;

Racism and Race – The John Roberts Two-Step

Jamelle Bouie New York Times
The Roberts two-step. He takes racism, a system of subjugation and social control, and removes the racists. What’s left is the mark of racism - race. A landmark case about the legitimacy of race hierarchy becomes, the use of race in school placement.


The Writers Who Went Undercover To Show America Its Ugly Side

Samuel G. Freedman The Atlantic
In the 1940s, a series of books tried to use the conventions of detective fiction to expose the degree of prejudice in postwar America. Their books — along with Sinatra’s song and film; Richard Wright’s memoir, coincided with a surge of activism.

Harry Belafonte: What Do We Have To Lose? Everything

Harry Belafonte New York Times
"What old men know is that everything can change. What old men know, too, is that all that is gained can be lost. Lost just as the liberation that the Civil War and Emancipation brought was squandered after Reconstruction..."
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