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Friday Nite Videos -- July 22, 2016

Jon Stewart Takes Over Colbert's Late Show Desk. Elizabeth Warren: 'He Sounded Like a Two-Bit Dictator'. The Clown Has Taken Over the Party. One Year on Earth Seen From 1 Million Miles. Bob Marley | Get Up, Stand Up.

Petition for Jon Stewart to Moderate Presidential Debate Attracts 175,000

Nicky Woolf The Guardian
The petition says, “Jon Stewart is more than qualified to tackle the moderating job. Mr Stewart has interviewed 15 heads of state, 22 members of the United States Cabinet, 32 members of the United States Senate, 7 members of the United States House of Representatives, and scores of other political leaders from this country and around the world while establishing himself as the most trusted person in (satirical) news.”

Democalypse 2016: Bernie Sanders

We've all become so accustomed to stage driven, focus group candidates that authenticity comes across as lunacy. Then there's Bernie, who honestly represents his political beliefs rather than playing a cynical political game.

Jeb Bush’s ‘Weird’ Iraq Answers

Jon Stewart wades through all of Jeb Bush‘s different answers on Iraq. Misheard the question. Mistakes get made all the time. These questions do a disservice to the soldiers. Really, is it so hard?

Friday Nite Videos -- April 24, 2015

Videos: Fraud city: Atlanta & Wall Street. Football Town Nights. Battle for the Internet. Greece: Austerity Isn't Working. Willie Nelson & Trigger.

Fraud City

When a cheating scandal rocks an Atlanta school system, Jon notices eerie similarities to the 2008 U.S. financial crisis brought on by Wall Street.

The Jon Stewart Mysteries Presents

According to Dick Cheney, President Obama is practically an Iranian agent. But can some classic sleuthing uncover an even greater threat to America than Barack Obama?

Friday Nite Videos -- February 27, 2015

Jon Stewart challenges Fox to a lie-off. Beethoven and the epigenome. The evolution of religion. Men in skirts protest violence against women in Turkey. 'Chuy' Garcia for mayor of Chicago.
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