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Bill Bowring Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
A new introduction to Karl Marx and his legacy.


Marx at the Chicken Shack

Mike Davis Verso Blog
A paean to Marx's contemporary relevance, the author argues in an excerpt from his new book that what makes Marx a stranger even to Marxist movements is not simply the difficulty of certain key works and passages, but a series of other obstacles.

Marx the Journalist

James Ledbetter Jacobin
Marx is often remembered as a political economist or philosopher. But he made his mark as a journalist. Marx was never content to sit back and let history take its course; he felt compelled to persuade, to use the workings of the news cycle as bits of evidence that his world view is the most sound.

Friday Nite Videos | April 20, 2018

A Series of Gunfortunate Events. You Wanna Lie Us Into War (Parody of Don't Come Around Here No More). The Decline of the Trump Merchandise Empire. Marx in Soho. How IBM Quietly Pushed Out 20,000 Older Workers.

Marx in Soho

Actor, teacher and activist Brian Jones plays Karl Marx in the late Howard Zinn's amusing one person play that looks at Marx's life, his analysis of society and his passion for radical change.

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