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How German Atheists Made America Great Again

S. C. Gwynne New York Times
What was the Civil War about? In a word, slavery. The driving force in American politics in the decades after the American Revolution was the rise of an arrogant, ruthless, parasitic oligarchy in the South, built on God-ordained economic inequality.

How Young Karl Marx Got Radicalized

Ryan Moore Jacobin
Karl Marx started out in a liberal milieu where the primary concern was abolishing religious authoritarianism. In time, he came to believe that abolishing capitalism was necessary for true freedom — and that only the working class could do it.


A Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse

Benjamin Tetler Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
Reviewer Tetler assesses Harvey's commentary on Marx's famous and influential early work.

Tidbits – June 8, 2023 – Reader Comments: Why I Voted No on the McCarthy Agreement; Supreme Court Rulings; Henry Kissinger; Ukraine War; UPS Strike?; Karl Marx Critics; Wealthiest Billionaire in Each State; Bill Fletcher’s New Novel; Cartoons;

Reader Comments: Why I voted no on the McCarthy agreement; Supreme Court rulings; Henry Kissinger; Ukraine War; UPS Ready To Strike; Karl Marx’s Critics; Wealthiest Billionaire in Each State; Bill Fletcher's New Novel; Cartoons; more....

Have Any of Karl Marx’s Critics Today Actually Read Him?

Ben Burgis Jacobin
The Right never seems to stop talking about “Marxism” and its wily tricks. But for all their denunciations, conservative pundits really just keep proving they don’t even know the basics of Karl Marx’s thought.

How To Read the Communist Manifesto

James Robins The New Republic
The novelist China Miéville aims to show that Marx’s words remain just as vital as when they were first hastily composed.

Marxists Changed How We Understand History

Alfie Steer Jacobin
Marxist historians in Britain — like E. P. Thompson and Eric Hobsbawm — sparked a revolution in understanding the role of working people in making history. Their work is still fresh and vibrant today.
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