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How Britain Made Paul Robeson a Socialist

Taylor Dorrell Tribune
Pioneering black singer Paul Robeson was born on this day (April 9) in 1898. One of America’s great radical figures, it was his encounters with Britain’s labour movement which inspired his socialist and anti-imperialist politics.

Turning the Tables in Minnesota

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
An enduring union-community alliance in the Twin Cities may be a model for progressive victories. The Twin Cities saw a series of labor actions, premised on the belief-the more disparate groups of workers unite in common cause, the more they can win.


To Defeat the Far Right, We Must Build From the Bottom Up

Luis Feliz Leon Convergence
The movement to defeat the Far Right must include immigrant workers and members of other oppressed groups, working through their own independent and durable mass organizations rooted in workplaces and neighborhoods.


The Auto Workers Go All In

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
By devoting $40 million to its campaign to organize non-union auto plants, the UAW is challenging not just corporate America but also labor’s status quo.

The Labor Movement Includes Nonprofit Workers, Too

In this op-ed, CJ Garcia-Linz, president of Progressive Workers Union, argues for nonprofits like the ones they represent – including the Sierra Club – live their values with their staff unions.
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