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Looking Back at the Labor Party

Mark Dudzic interviewed by Derek Seidman New Labor Forum
Going back, you said that there were 80 unions at the Labor Party's founding that represented roughly half a million workers. It seems like you were trying to make this a party that was - concretely and substantively, not just symbolically or rhetorically - composed of and led by actual leaders, organizers, and rank-and-file members of the labor movement. Can you speak about that kind of model, and how it's different from other existing parties?

Tidbits - April 11, 2013

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Labor Party Time? Not Yet.

Mark Dudzic and Katherine Isaac Labor Party
The US working class has not succeeded in developing a class-based political party to contend for political power, making working people particularly vulnerable. Wealth and power are concentrated increasingly in the hands of a globalized elite. It's hard to identify a period of US history where the need for a labor-based political party was greater than now. Yet the short-term prospects of an independent, pro-worker political movement emerging are virtually nonexistent.


Obama, Social Security Cuts & The Labor Party

Jim Kuhnhenn, Chris Townsend
President Barack Obama’s proposed budget will call for reductions in the growth of Social Security and other benefit programs. The reductions in the growth of benefit programs, which would affect veterans, the poor and the older Americans, is sure to anger many Democrats. Labor groups and liberals have long been critical of Obama’s offer to Boehner for including such a plan.
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