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More Torture Talk From Donald Trump

Polling guru Nate Silver predicts a Hillary Clinton presidency, and Donald Trump (Bob DiBuono) drops by The Nightly Show to proudly reaffirm his support for torture.

Wilmore vs Trump Impression-off

Donald Trump (Bob DiBuono) challenges Larry to an impression-off after a recording surfaces of the GOP candidate masquerading as a publicist on his own behalf. 

Friday Nite Videos -- May 13, 2016

Donald Trump Bashes Hillary Clinton For Her Husband's Affairs. How Tree Frogs 'Stick' Their Landing. Michael Pollan on Cooking. Trump Transforms for the General Election. Solution to the Grandfather Paradox.

Friday Nite Videos -- May 6, 2016

Trump Becomes the Nominee. Ravel's Bolero in Mexico. John Oliver: Cicadas. Georgetown University's Legacy of Slavery. Donald Trump: Nomination of a Birther.

Berning Ted and Donald on 'NY Values'

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders brings the hammer down on Ted Cruz in response to the GOP candidate's negative remarks about "New York values."

Anti-gay KY Clerk's Case a New Twist on 'Right to Work'

Kathy Wilkes Portside
There's a difference between 'right-to-work', which limits agreements between workers' unions and employers, and First Amendment restrictions on government in matters of religion, speech, expression, association and so on. For conservatives, though, rights are rolled up into one, giant "freedom" ball aimed at imposing individual beliefs at the expense of democracy right down to the duties of a job. Who then are the prisoners of conscience?

Jefferson Davis Day in Alabama

Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate States of America. How do you proclaim your love for America and then yearn for the days when you weren't part of it?

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