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To Win the Midterms and Beyond

Martin J. Bennett Democratic Left
If you want a timely and persuasive antidote to the conventional narrative predicting the inevitable loss of Democratic congressional majorities in November, read this book.

From Resistance to Governing Power in Honduras

Gerardo Torres and Matt Ginsberg-Jaeckle Convergence
Matt Ginsberg-Jackle interviews Gerardo Torres about how the Honduran left assembled a broad front following the country’s 2009 coup, built power over 12 years, and then won the presidential election last year.

To Win a Revolution, We Need a New Mass Organization

Jeremy Gong Nick French Jacobin
Since Bernie Sanders’s defeat in 2020 and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the US left has been largely disorganized. The time is ripe for Bernie and the Squad to create a new mass organization to confront today’s crises.

MAGA Is Focused and All In. Are We?

Max Elbaum Converge Magazine
‘The main political responsibility of the Left is to identify, assemble, animate, and unite the social forces capable of accomplishing the primary breakthrough required at each moment.’

DSA Debates Show Growing Pains

Christine Riddiough Convergence
DSA’s six-year growth spurt has fundamentally changed the organization. To resolve the deep issues it faces, it needs to meet the organizational challenges this change poses.

Election Year in France: Some Background Notes

Colin Falconer The Left Berlin
The French presidential election looks to once more see a run-off between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. Can the Left break through? And what is the threat of Eric Zemmour?

Last Week’s Elections Actually Gave Leftists Plenty to Cheer

Branko Marcetic Jacobin
For many on the Left, last week’s elections came like a gut punch. But zoom out beyond the high-profile races cable news pundits fixated on, and Tuesday saw many significant victories for left-wing candidates and policies.
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