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Walter Rodney’s Lost Book: One Hundred Years of Development in Africa

Leo Zeilig Liberated Texts
The book, and lectures that comprise it, give a powerful impression of an activist and thinker engaged with challenging and wide-ranging issues such as the continent’s history, slavery, independence, and projects of radical socialist development.

Reflecting on 50 Years of Paredon

Barbara Dane Folkways - Smithsonian
In 1970, few record labels were documenting the music that had burst from liberation and resistance movements all over the world. Paredon Records motivation and goals half a century ago - and today - are humans' search for justice, peace, and love.

Speak Freedom

Rick Ayers Medium
We need new ideas, new creativity, and new language that is equal to the challenges before us.

Liberation and Ethics - Is there a connection?

Raymond Suttner Creamer Media's website: (South Africa)
It is no exaggeration to suggest that the legitimacy not only of President Jacob Zuma and the ANC, but also the notion of the liberation struggle itself is in shreds. For some of us, it was unthinkable that such an alliance of forces could degenerate into a moneymaking, lawless and violent operation represented by people who were prepared to trample on the values that we understood the movement to embody. Certainly, this did not happen overnight.

Intersectional Black Power: CLR James on Capitalism and Race

Lawrence Ware and Paul Buhle Portside
To ignore race, C.L.R. James often said, in many contexts and many ways, was a disaster in any social understanding; only the ignoring of class would be worse. Or to put it in his own words: The race question is subsidiary to the class question, and to think of imperialism in terms of race is disastrous. But to neglect the racial factor as merely incidental, is an error only less grave than to make it fundamental.

Tracking the Spoors of Imperialism & Neocolonialism in the Philippines: Sketch of a Synoptic Reconnaissance

Dr. E San Juan, Jr., PhD The Black Commentator
Unlike Spanish evangelism, US colonial machinery was geared to using the Philippines for thorough exploitation of the newly acquired territory, envisaging the eventual expansion of multinational corporations and ultimate global hegemony. This brief historical outline provides a background for global context and working class analysis of the Philippines and Filipino mass movements.
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