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The Criminalization of Solidarity: The Stop Cop City Prosecutions

Tadhg Larabee and Eva Rosenfeld Dissent Magazine
Georgia’s sweeping, political application of conspiracy law echoes tactics that shattered the left a hundred years ago, when the government targeted socialist parties and militant unions with laws against criminal syndicalism, espionage, and sedition

Left Unions Were Repressed Because They Threatened Capital

Victor G. Devinatz Jacobin
During the 20th century’s two red scares in US and Canada, Wobblies and Communist-aligned unions faced fierce repression from employers and government. They were targeted because they were seen as posing a real threat to the capitalist social order.

Chandler Davis: Dissent and Solidarity

David Palumbo-Liu Against the Current
Davis viewed his confrontation with HUAC and the University of Michigan as an opportunity. He willingly risked both his freedom and his career to expose and perhaps even put an end to the establishment’s willingness to quash left political dissent.


To Make Unions Resonate Again, Study the CIO’s History

Declining union density has diminished American workers’ awareness of labor organizing, pride in union status, and sense of belonging to a tradition of collective struggle. The history of the CIO can teach us how to embed unions in the working class

There Were Lynchings in the North, Too

James Barron New York Times
An NYU project examines the history of lynching's after the Civil War, including one in New York State. Billie Holiday sang a disturbing ballad called “Strange Fruit” for the first time in 1939, referred to lynching's in the South, and also the North

The Rise & Fall of the Second Trump Reich: Tick Tock…

Thom Hartmann The Hartmann Report
A dystopian tale that conforms to Trump's many campaign promises..[Every incident mentioned is based on an actual statement or action by Donald Trump, people closely surrounding him, or something Trump has praised about his role model Victor Orbàn.]

This Week in People’s History, Jan 9 – 15

Page 1 of an early issue of La Follette's Weekly Magazine Fighting the Good Fight (in 1909), Teach Literacy, Go to Jail (1854), Deadly But Very Popular (1964), Pretending to Drain the Swamp (1984), Orgy of Police Brutality (1874), McCarthyism's Downfall (1964), Hitler's Friends in the House of Lords (1934)

How Much Can Trump 2.0 Get Away With?

Thomas B. Edsall New York Times
I am your warrior, I am your justice, Donald Trump told the crowd. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution. The first Trump term was deeply alarming, a second Trump one will be far more alarming, with many fewer errors
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