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Medea Benjamin on System Change

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CODEPINK, discusses her personal journey; how corporate and militarist forces keep the U.S. in a state of perpetual war; and how social movements can develop a genuine alternative. 

Americans Can Go to Cuba -- Just Not for Tourism

Medea Benjamin Huffington Post
Following the recent announcement that the two nations were working to normalize relations after 54 years, President Obama used his executive authority to expand travel to 12 categories deemed to further U.S. humanitarian and policy goals. These include visits to close relatives, academic and educational programs, professional research, journalistic or religious activities, and participation in public performances or sports competitions. Tourism is not on the list.

Costa Rican Lawyer Roberto Zamorra Crusades for the Right to Peace

Medea Benjamin Nation of Change - News Report
Luis Roberto Zamorra Bolaños was just a law student when he challenged the legality of his government’s support for George Bush’s invasion of Iraq. He took the case all the way up to the Costa Rican Supreme Court—and won.
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