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Fantasyland General

Robert Kuttner The American Prospect
Hospital pricing is impenetrable to consumers and regulators alike. The result: increased costs and profits, and wasteful reliance on armies of middlemen.

Fiscal Commission As Path to Social Security Cuts

Alexandra Jacobo Nation of Change
In a controversial move, the GOP-led House Budget Committee's hearing to establish a fiscal commission raises alarms for potential cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

Social Security and Medicare: Fun With Numbers Time

Dean Baker CEPR
The whole subsidy to retiree story is a diversion from the many important issues facing the country. Even the core idea, that we don’t adequately support the young because we give too much to the elderly is wrong.


Labor for Traditional Medicare

Labor for Traditional Medicate Labor For Traditional Medicare
Many trade union leaders and Mayors are trying to force their retirees onto Medicare Advantage Plans. New York City has become the focus of this fight. Labor for Traditional Medicare has collected these 2,688 signatures in opposition.

5 Reasons Why a Debt Commission Is the Wrong Prescription

Sharon Parrott, Joel Friedman Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Raising revenues is central to any responsible effort to reduce deficits, but there is no sign that long-standing Republican resistance to raising revenues has reversed or even softened.

Rolling Medicaid Purge

Jake Johnson Common Dreams
Largest Concentration of Health Insurance Loss in US History

Big Pharma’s American Con

Andrew Perez, Matthew Cunningham-Cook The Lever
Drugmakers are charging foreigners far lower prices for medicines they want shielded from new Medicare price cuts.

The Journey to Medicare’s 58th Anniversary

F. Douglas Stephenson Informed Comment
The most successful health insurance program, Medicare, was enacted in July,1965 to provide health insurance for people ages 65 and older and disabled regardless of income or medical history. Medicare is more efficient than private health insurance
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