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The MAGA storming of the Capitol is two years old. The attempted coup is still happening. The reshaping of the Republican Party as an insurrectionary force and the expansion of armed gangs aim to smash democracy. Please help us to inform, to mobilize and to inspire the forces of multi-racial, radical, inclusive democracy to defeat this threat in 2023.

Friday Nite Videos | January 7, 2022

Abhor-Rent: 525,600 Minutes Since the Insurrection. January 6th Insurrectionists: Where Are They Now? Elie Mystal: Hold Trump and Allies Accountable. Most 1/6 Convicts Got No Jail Time. The Humans That Lived Before Us.

Obama Supreme Court Nomination: A Missed Opportunity

Bill Mosley The Washington Socialist
We should demand that the Senate respect the nominee of the President and give him a fair hearing and a vote But we should do more: we need an ongoing grassroots movement to pressure the White House to select judicial nominees – not only for the Supreme Court but all federal courts – who would bring to the courts a greater regard for social justice as well as more racial and gender diversity.


The Supreme Court Vacancy and Labor: Merrick Garland

Hannah Belitz On Labor
An analysis focusing on his opinions in cases involving the NLRB reveals one particular theme: agency deference. This deference to the NLRB has had favorable consequences for labor and unions.
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