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Asian Pacific Americans Impact the Midterm Elections

Eddie Wong East Wind ezine
women recently elected to Congress As I see it, the challenge ahead is to build progressive infrastructure everywhere we can, but especially in key states that were narrowly won by Trump in 2016 – Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania – and in key states such as North Carolina...

How to Unseat an ICE-collaborating Sheriff

Rebekah Barber Facing South
We actually found out that our jail not only has a 287(g) program but is a mini detention center almost. There are people being held here for immigration purposes, and some of them are going to be deported directly from the jail.

Politics Is About Power: Assessing the 2018 Mid-Terms

Max Elbaum Portside
newly elected Muslim Congresswomen Politics is about Power. One of positive things this moment is that the question of power has moved central to discussion on the left. ..., we need to build our own organizations and strengthen alignment and cooperation between them.

Voting While Black

Fredreka Schouten CNN
How activists are racing to create a midterm Black wave.
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