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When My Song “Rich People” Went Viral, It Didn’t Make Me Rich

Carsie Blanton The Nation
If making a fortune is your goal, a career in music will take you a long way—in the wrong direction. Working in the music industry today is attempting to thrive in a hostile environment. Only the very lucky, well-connected, or well-funded survive.

Elvis: A Study in Talent Mis-Management

Byron Laursen Stansbury Forum
What happened between Presley and Colonel Parker is parallel with all exploitation of workers. As Woody Guthrie wrote: “Some rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen.”


Jazz and Justice

Gregory N. Heires Portside
The book under review charts two worlds of the Jazz industry, paying attention both to the joy it brought to listeners alongside the depth of racism and economic exploitation behind the music.
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