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NATO and the Construction of the Enemy

Marga Ferré Transform! Europe
The two super-structural ideas used to justify western militarism, culturally and ideologically, are the construction of “The Other” that must be fought, and the racist supremacy used to do so. 

Why Ukraine Matters for the Left

Matthew Duss The New Republic
Opposition to U.S. adventurism is principled. But this is Putin’s adventurism, and the left must stand firmly against it....Supporting the defense of Ukraine is the right thing for the global left to do. Even if our own government is doing it.

War and Peace

Victor Grossman Berlin Bulletin
The decades of efforts by people on all continents to ease tensions between the three greatest powers, to work for a friendlier, ecologically improving world of peace has been set back for years, perhaps for decades. We need an anti-fascist, anti-militarist voice for people’s rights.
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