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Can democracy in the United States survive naked dictatorial ambition and Christian nationalism in 2024? The biggest danger today: a vengeful would-be dictator and a cultist Christian nationalist movement that are reaching for absolute power in our country. Please help us to inform, to mobilize and to inspire the forces of multi-racial, radical, inclusive democracy to defeat this threat in 2024.

The Nuclear “War” in Ukraine May Not Be the One We Expect

Joshua Frank TomDispatch
From time to time, Vladimir Putin or one of his cronies has hinted that the Russians, pressed to the wall, might use a “tactical” nuclear weapon in Ukraine. And Russian military leaders have reportedly been discussing just such a possibility.


Making Sense of the Ukraine War

Eric Draitser Tempest
In a critical assessment of this new book, reviewer Draitser challenges some widely-held views and assumptions about the Russia-Ukraine war.

Tidbits – Jan. 26, 2023 – Reader Comments: What Price “Defense”?; Monterey Park; Readers Respond – Ukraine War; Israel; Argentina 1985; George Santos; Gun Control; Student Activist Scholarship Applications Available; Lots of Announcements; More…

Reader Comments: What Price “Defense”?; Monterey Park; Readers Respond - Ukraine War and The Left; Israel; Argentina 1985; George Santos; Gun Control; Lots of Announcements; Student Activist Scholarship Applications Available; More....

The Ukrainian Left View on the Prospects of Peace Negotiations

Denys Bondar and Zakhar Popovych Соціальний Рух (Social Movement Ukraine)
Lately, in the West, the sentiment on the prospects of a peaceful end to the war imposed on the Ukrainian people is heard more and more often. But are such negotiations possible, and who will benefit from them? And does Putin actually want peace?

Peace in Rome

Roberto Morea , Roberto Musacchio Transform! Europe
We held a massive pacifist rally for a diplomatic solution in Europe, where warmongering rages among the ruling classes. With radical rightists in government and a dismal centre-left, it is a movement to prevent catastrophe and give us back dignity.

Q&A: Navigating the Left’s Ukraine Debate

Bill Fletcher, Jr. and Elly Leary Convergence Magazine
“Sovereignty and self-determination are important concepts to keep at the heart of Left analysis” — and can help orient us in the confusion and misinformation surrounding Russia’s war on Ukraine.

NATO and the Construction of the Enemy

Marga Ferré Transform! Europe
The two super-structural ideas used to justify western militarism, culturally and ideologically, are the construction of “The Other” that must be fought, and the racist supremacy used to do so. 
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