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Court: ICE and L.A. Sheriff Unlawfully Detain Thousands of Suspected Immigrants

ACLU Southern California ACLU Southern California
immigrant rights protest balloons On Thursday, a federal court in California ruled that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) unlawfully detained thousands of suspected immigrants on the basis of unconstitutional requests from ICE known as immigration detainers. “The court’s decision vindicates years of work by the Los Angeles immigrant community to challenge the Sheriff Department’s abuses and throws a major wrench in the Trump administration’s deportation machine,” said Jessica Bansal, litigation director of NDLON.


Immigrant Laborers Have a New Tool to Fight Back Against Rampant Wage Theft in the US

Kate Groetzinger, Frida Garza
The Jornalero app has three main functions: First, it allows day laborers to record the hours they work. Second, it allows them to file a wage theft report directly to a workers’ center from their phone. Third, it allows them to send out an alert when they experience wage theft, to warn other day laborers with the app about nonpaying employers in the area.
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