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The Marketisation of Truth

Marcus Gilroy-Ware Red Pepper
The marketisation of everything normalised the very real possibility that behind every communication, every representation, every action within any public sphere, was an undisclosed agenda of private gain.

The Biden Presidency: A New Era, or a Fragile Interregnum?

Walden Bello Foreign Policy In Focus
Owing to the erosion of the credibility of globalization and neoliberalism, the return to orthodox centrism is not likely to hold. It will serve as a short-lived interregnum amidst deepening polarization. Now is the time for the left to act.

Arab Workers And The Struggle For Democracy

Joel Beinin Jacobin
Since 2011, Arab labor organizations and left parties have been central to movements for democracy and social justice in the Middle East. Frequently overlooked in Western media coverage...they’ve carried on this fight against tremendous odds.

Neoliberalism’s Children Rise Up to Demand Justice in Chile and the World

Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J S Davies Common Dreams
It is entirely fitting that Chile should be in the vanguard of protests in this Autumn of Discontent, since Chile served as the laboratory for the neoliberal transformation of economics and politics that has swept the world since the 1970's.
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