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Claudia Sheinbaum Is the Next President of Mexico

Zoe Alexandra Peoples Dispatch
Sheinbaum, the first woman president of Mexico and North America, has vowed to continue the anti-neoliberal project of the “Fourth Transformation” inaugurated by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, led by the principle of “Mexican Humanism”.


Newsflash: Inequality in Neoliberal America

Photo of a sign on a post that says PEOPLE OVER PROFIT A new report provides perhaps the best detail we have so far on the economic and social consequences of neo-liberal economic policies in America. 

5 Lessons From Hungary: How To Fight Authoritarians

Gordon Whitman The Forge
Lessons from a convening between pro-democracy organizers from the U.S. and Hungary. Gordon Whitman explains how grassroots organizations can adapt as authoritarians change the rules of the game, and how neoliberalism paves the path for dictators.

Lessons From One Unequal Society to Another

Liam Crisan
In the 2000s and 2010s Chileans began resolving the Crisis of Representation through protest, song, and dance. Recent political setbacks do not detract from this.

Hurricane Milei

Mariano Schuster and Pablo Stefanoni, Nueva Sociedad NACLA Reports
How can we understand the political shift in Argentina that led to an extreme right-wing outsider coming to power? Here are seven key points for unpacking the unprecedented election.

Who Is Hustling Who?

Mukoma wa Ngugi Africa is a Country
In Kenya, political elites across the spectrum are trying to sell off the country for themselves—capitulation is inevitable.

Human Rights and Housing

Peter Eglin Socialist Project: The Bullet
Housing is increasingly treated as both a speculative or an investment commodity for the rich and satisfied, and a charitable donation for the poor and precarious, in a system of corporate capitalist rule obfuscated by the language of human rights.
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