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Four Ways to Look at Standing Rock: An Indigenous Perspective; 'People Are Going to Die': Father of Wounded DAPL Activist Sophia Wilansky Speaks Out

Kayla DeVault; Nika Knight Yes! Magazine
Kayla DeVault writes, Standing Rock requires us not to forget cultural identity. Conversations about climate, loss and damage, must include loss and damage done to a way of life, to the sustainability of an entire identity of people. Is devastating policy brutality against water protectors in North Dakota a harbinger of what's to come? Interview with Sophia Wilansky's father, who was injured Tuesday by a concussion grenade after police assault on water protectors.

President-Elect Trump's Pro-Oil Stance Looms Over #NoDAPL Day of Action

Deirdre Fulton Common Dreams
One day after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers again delayed construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)—and one week after the election of Donald Trump all but ensured the project's eventual completion—actions are taking place in hundreds of cities across the United States and around the world on Tuesday calling for the crude oil pipeline to be rejected.

Stand with Standing Rock on Nov. 15 #NoDAPL - Day of Action at Army Corps of Engineers

Nov 15 #NoDAPL Day of Action
Indigenous leaders are calling on us to take to the streets and disrupt "business-as-usual" one week after the election to demand that President Obama's Army Corps of Engineers and the incoming administration stop the Dakota Access Pipeline -- and all those after it. As of now, there are 102 events planned (see map). It's time for the Administration to take immediate action to stop this pipeline.

Standing with Standing Rock - What You Can Do - #StandWithStandingRock

NoDAPL - No Dakota Access Pipeline - Stand with the Native Peoples at Standing Rock. You have seen the stories, the posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. What can you do? Can you go to Standing Rock? Why not contribute or send needed supplies. Can you host a solidarity house party? Here's how you can help, how your solidarity can be expressed.

Tidbits - November 3, 2016 - Reader Comments: How American Politics Has Changed; Labor and Standing Rock; Remembering Tom Hayden; The Cubs; Syria; Resources; Announcements; and more...

Reader Comments: How American Politics Has Changed - Rigging the Election and Defeating Trumpism; Labor and Standing Rock - #NoDAPL; Vietnam Remembers Tom Hayden; Cubs Tribute; Push Obama to Pardon Oscar L¢pez Rivera; Resources: Gender pay gap calculator; How do we move people?; Children's books with social justice themes; African American Pamphlets and Magazines archive; Announcements: New York, Seattle, Washington, DC, Chicago; and more....
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