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Today’s Labor News & Commentary

Rund Khayyat onlabor
OSHA rolled back its previous announcement that it would functionally leave federal safety regulations unenforced by refraining from government investigation of corona-related health and safety complaints.


On Workers Memorial Day and International Workers Day

Filiberto Nolasco Gomez Workday Minnesota
Frontline workers in the service sector remain forgotten and treated as disposable. "No matter how much we flatten the curve these workers are most at risk.“


Ruthless Quotas at Amazon Are Maiming Employees

Will Evans The Atlantic
This holiday season, Amazon will move millions of packages at dizzying speed. Internal injury reports suggest all that convenience is coming at the expense of worker safety.

Americans Deserve Safer Jobs

Matt Sedlar CEPR Blue Collar Jobs Tracker
There are thousands of accidents across the United States every year that could be prevented by stronger safety and health regulations and enforcement.
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