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A Century Of Complicity

Rod Such The Electronic Intifada
"One of the most terrifying sounds on earth,” Palestinian American historian Rashid Khalidi recalls, is “the screeching roar of supersonic warplanes diving to attack.”

Solidarity Means Insisting On Palestinian Right Of Return

Kristian Davis Bailey The Electronic Intifada
mural The right of return for Palestinians uprooted by Zionist forces in 1948 – including their children and grandchildren – is the central issue of justice for Palestine. Yet it often remains an afterthought for solidarity activists.

Stories of the Catastrophe: Palestine

Rami Almeghari, Mohammed Asad and Anne Paq The Electronic Intifada
picture of Palestinian woman Seventy years ago, Palestinians suffered the Nakba, or catastrophe, when most fled or were forced by Zionist militias to flee Palestine to make room for the creation of the state of Israel and ensure a Jewish majority. Some 750,000 ended up as refugees registered with the United Nations.

Call For End to Israeli Aggression Grows

Rebecca Bowe/The Guardian Ilan Lior/Haaretz The Guardian/Haaretz
Protest rallies in Oakland, California and Tel Aviv highlight sharpening demands for an end to Israeli military action against Gaza and for a Palestinian homeland.
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