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Tidbits - February 1, 2018 - Reader Comments: Constitutional Crisis; Tax Cuts Don't Spur Growth; New Charges Against Lac-Mégantic Workers; 'Two-state Solution'; Young Workers and Unions; Football; Students' Right to Vote; Today in history - Start of the s

Reader Comments: Constitutional Crisis - Trump vs. Truth; Tax Cuts Don't Spur Growth; Need to Drop All New Charges Against Lac-Mégantic Workers; Immigration - and Norwegians; Hugh Masekela; 'Two-state Solution'; Young Workers - Largest Union Gain; Football; Announcements: Jews in American Labor ; Bill Fletcher in Bay Area; Angela Davis, Patrisse Cullors in New York; Students' Right to Vote; Today in history - start of the sit-ins; and more....

Why #BlackLivesMatter is Disrupting the Political Process: To Transform America's Systemic Hatred of Black People

Patrisse Cullors Washington Post
On Aug. 8, 2015, as the Black community prepared to collectively mourn the anniversary of the murder of Mike Brown by Ferguson police, members of Black Lives Matter disrupted a Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle. In the week since that disruption, at least nine Black people have been killed by state-sanctioned violence. #BlackLivesMatter co-founder Patrisse Cullors explains why the movement will continue to disrupt the political process.

Black Women's Lives Matter: A Chant Less Often Heard

Andrea Ritchie Ravishly
#BlackWomensLivesMatter. It’s an affirmation that is essential in the face of the reality that Black women’s lives have been consistently devalued and erased. Not only has taking our labor and our lives been part of business as usual throughout this country’s history, so has violating our bodies through systematic criminalization, physical brutality and sexual assault by law enforcement agents, from slave patrols to present day police.
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