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Tidbits - December 19, 2013

Reader Comments - Healthcare; Faculty Unions; NATO and the Ukraine; State Surveillance; Venezuela; Nelson Mandela, South Africa and SACP; MSNBC labor dispute; Germany; Voter Fraud in Iowa - 0.00075%; New Books - Rosa Luxemburg; Diners Guide to Ethical Eating; Jobs with Justice; A Letter from Leslie Cagan, Phyllis Bennis, Bill Fletcher & Other UFPJ Founders

Reading Obama’s Iran Speech

Phyllis Bennis The Nation
The usual opponents—in Congress, in Israel and the pro-Israel lobbies—are already on the move, challenging the new opening.

John Kerry’s Doomed Peace Process is Deja Vu All Over Again

Phyllis Bennis Mondoweiss
In recent years it has become common to see Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller and others responsible for the 22 years of failed U.S. diplomacy in the Middle East relying on their “veteran” status as a credential for continuing their careers.
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