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Sunday Science: A New Test for Quantum Gravity

Sabine Hossenfelder Sabine Hossenfelder
After countless attempts to develop a theory of quantum gravity, physicists are now trying their hand at measuring it through various experiments. This week we have a new proposal for an experiment, and it's a quite clever idea. Let’s have a look.

Sunday Science: How Does Gravity Escape a Black Hole?

Sabine Hossenfelder Sabine Hossenfelder
If nothing gets out of a black hole, how does gravity do it? Something with virtual gravitons? Is this really necessary? It's tricky question, but this is what I can say without resorting to equations.

Sunday Science: New Technique To Reveal Virtual Particles

Sabine Hossenfelder Sabine Hossenfelder - Science News
The experiment this week is about an experiment which will measure nothing. But not any nothing. A very specific nothing, that's the vacuum of quantum electrodynamics.

The Challenge of Fusion Power

M. Mitchell Waldrop Knowable Magazine
Scientists have been chasing the dream of harnessing the reactions that power the Sun since the dawn of the atomic era. Interest, and investment, in the carbon-free energy source is heating up.
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