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Recent Books of Note for Labor Activists

Labor Notes staff Labor Notes
A number of veteran organizers and labor journalists are publishing books this year that will be of interest to Labor Notes readers. Many of them participated in a "Meet the Author" session at the recent Labor Notes Conference.


Yascha Mounk’s Misguided War on Wokeness

Ian Beacock The New Republic
“The Great Experiment” flatters liberal readers that by expressing their distaste for cancel culture, they have become diverse democracy’s most gallant defenders.


Religion of the Market

L. Benjamin Rolsky Los Angeles Review of Books
This new book is a contribution to our understanding of the last half century of both U.S. and global economic policy.


Ms. Marvel Powerfully Portrays the Pain of Partition

Maryam Ahmad Nerdist
Ms. Marvel made the lasting trauma and division after Partition a significant conversation, introducing many to its horrors. Partition impacted millions of people in 1947. Generations later, we are still unpacking how it continues to resonate.


Food Expiration Dates Don’t Have Much Science Behind Them

Jill Roberts The Conversation
Expiration dates could be more meaningful if they were based on scientific studies of a food’s rate of nutrient loss or microbial growth. A food safety researcher explains another way to know what’s too old to eat
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