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BDS Versus Settler-Colonialism

Alan Wald Against the Current
Two books posit the BDS movement fighting Israeli aggression against Palestinians as the worthy extension of more than a century of opposition to white supremacy, colonialism, and the kindred pariah status Jews suffered under European fascism.


An MSG Convert Visits the High Church of Umami

Helen Rosner The New Yorker
Ajinomoto produces umami at its panda-themed headquarters Monosodium glutamate is a compound molecule in which glutamate is the amino acid responsible for the mysterious deepening of flavor. Its once-vilified reputation has been ascribed to illogic, superstition and even racism.


The Embarrassment of Being in the World

Kathy Nilsson What Nature: Poems
Massachusetts poet Kathy Nilsson exposes feelings of alienation in the current state of the world: “I don’t recall being American, or even here.”


A Rhyme of Two Fathers

Jed Myers
Seattle poet Jed Myers puts himself in the shoes of a Mexican father as two men plan to cross international borders.


Leave No Trace Is a Shattering, Essential Drama

David Sims The Atlantic
Leave No Trace is a film about living off the grid in America, but not as a political act or as a desperate struggle to survive. It’s a story of a family seeking harmony with the land, and with their country.


Why the Middle Class Can’t Afford Life in America Anymore

Larry Getlen New York Post
In this book, Alissa Quart details not only the lowering of the standard of middle class life in the United States, but shows how that decline is also eroding the professions and professional occupations as well.


How Often Should You Be Eating Fish?

Sally Wadyka Consumer Reports
AMA report stresses the importance of eating fish The AHA’s new scientific advisory on fish consumption reports more evidence that seafood intake lower risks of coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death—especially when the seafood replaces less healthy choices like beef or pork.
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