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Is The Handmaid’s Tale Still Worth The Agony Of Watching It?

Laura Hudson, Tasha Robinson, Devon Maloney, Adi Robertson, Megan Farokhmanesh The Verge
Enduring Season 2 of the Hulu series proves even harder than expected. The series is beautifully shot, acted, and directed by women, despite the fact that the showrunner is a white man, but the actual story leaves much emotional relief to be desired in this political climate.


Lou-Andres Salomé vs. The Patriarchy

Michael Hirsch The Indypendent
The German philosopher insisted on being the master of her own fate even as she inflamed the hearts and minds of some of the late 19th and earl 20th Century’s greatest thinkers. The real question posed by the film: what is freedom in a class-ridden society?


Can Science Justify Itself?

Ada Palmer Harvard Magazine
At a time when the attack on reason as such is the stuff of everyday news, Steven Pinker reminds us of an important aspect of our society's intellectual legacy.


Election Noir

Dorothy Barresi What We Did While We Made More Guns
California poet Dorothy Barresi nails a certain candidate on the campaign trail: "tight tense talk & leering merit of American man" and guess who she means.


Review: Occupied Season 2

Dan Slevin Radio New Zealand
When the first season of Occupied was on screen the Russians were a fictional threat. Has reality caught up with the conceit?


12 Rules for Spitting on the Poor

Noah Berlatsky Dollars and Sense: Real World Economics
A survey of a dozen self-help books reveals a genre with an ideological axe to grind: it’s not the system that needs changing, it’s you.


Broad Band

Dylan Schleicher 800-CEO-READ
A "computer" used to be a job description, not just a machine. At the time, most computers were women. Dylan Schleicher reviews a fascinating history of how "computers" helped make the computer networks that are so interwoven into contemporary life.



Diane Moomey Plum Tree Tavern
Even when April showers pour in California, as poet Diane Moomey reflects, the true issue is how long will the water last and for whom?
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