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The Language of the Unheard

Brian Richardson International Socialism
Movements from below challenging the status quo are nothing new, reflecting eons of class conflict and class formation. The book under review traces the common threads of resistance through the Middle Ages in Europe and into the modern age.


Celebrating the Free Jazz Revolution, in Black and White

Michael J. Agovino The Village Voice
This classic treatment of the 1960s-1970s avant-garde jazz in the United States is an essential guide to one of the most dramatic, significant, and fruitful of modern American artistic movements. That movement's impact is still felt in music played in all styles all over the world.


Untitled #1

henry 7. reneau, jr.
Approaching the 50th anniversary of MLK’s murder, California poet henry 7 reneau, jr., writes, “There’s a sickness in people”—Malice…Greed…Denial—“in opposition to…common sense.” Not too late to do something about it.


‘Collateral’ Is Essential—and Timely—TV

Alison Herman The Ringer
The British miniseries Collateral, which premiered on Netflix last Friday after an initial run on BBC Two last month, is to a post-Brexit United Kingdom what recent seasons of American Horror Story: Cult, American Crime, and even Broad City are to a post-Trump United States.


Siren Song

Roy J. Adams
With current media celebrating the role of the soldier, US Army veteran/poet Roy J. Adams offers an ironic antidote.
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