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The Surprisingly Long History of Racial Oppression in Coffeehouses: Centuries before two Black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks, capitalists met at coffee shops to profit from the transatlantic slave trade.

Tasha Williams Yes Magazine
Traders, bankers, and Lloyd’s merchants also met in coffeehouses in Bristol, England, to enrich themselves with profits from over 2,000 slave ships processed in that city Coffeehouses connected goods and capital streams with seekers, facilitating the very aspect of slavery that amplified capitalism. Enslaved peoples’ bodies were not only bought and sold, but made into part of the processes of of credit and finance.


Taking on Dirty Power in Richmond, California

Michael Hirsch The Indypendent
A founding member of California's independent Richmond Progressive Alliance pens a memoir detailing how her fledgling group waged its successful electoral and community organizing effort against Chevron, the city’s largest, predatory employer.


Is Life in a 'Post-Truth' World Sustainable?

Robert Daniel Evers Pop Matters
We now live in a world where "alternative" facts have replaced truth and feelings are now counted as "evidence." How did such a discourse become so widespread? What does it mean? This new book offers some perspective.


"Ex Libris"- Frederick Wiseman Interview

Claire Armitstead The Guardian
From his debut film about the ‘criminally insane’ to Ex Libris, his latest documentary on the New York Public Library, the award-winning octogenarian is as committed to fighting injustice as ever – especially in the era of Trump.


The Humble Cabbage Connects History and Cultures

David Bacon Civil Eats
Workers packing cabbage heads coordinate with each other to work quickly Photographer David Bacon shares stunning images of farmworkers harvesting cabbage the old-fashioned way, and writes that the ubiquitous if undervalued vegetable is actually a shared cultural touchstone.


BDS Versus Settler-Colonialism

Alan Wald Against the Current
Two books posit the BDS movement fighting Israeli aggression against Palestinians as the worthy extension of more than a century of opposition to white supremacy, colonialism, and the kindred pariah status Jews suffered under European fascism.
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