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Why 2020 Was the ‘Precarity Election’

Albena Azmanova and Marshall Auerback Economy For All
workers with dangerous machine gears Neither political party has truly addressed the issue of economic security, which is why the country remains a house divided against itself.


Millennials, White-Collar Workers Bringing New Life to Unions

Katie Johnston Boston Globe
Workers across many industries are increasingly banding together and standing up against management as part-time and contract work grows, automation amps up, and wages barely budge, labor observers say. Silicon Valley tech workers have started a coalition to unite.


The Precariat and the Global Erosion of Job Security

Wade Rathke Talking Union
This article revolves a new book called The Precariat: the New Dangerous Class by Gary Standing, a British economist.Lack of job security and low wages is how he characterizes these workers. He cites McDonalds and Walmart as the model worldwide for creating precarious employment.
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