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Latino Votes Count or ‘Why Would They Be Trying to Suppress Them?’: Dolores Huerta on What’s at Stake in 2016

Ally Boguhn Rewire
Huerta encouraged people to consider both what is at stake and why their voting rights might be targeted in the first place. “What we have to think about is, if they’re doing so much to suppress the vote of the Latino and the African-American community, that means that that vote really counts. It really matters or else why would they be trying to suppress them?”

Unelectable? Only to the Super-Rich Elite

Conrad Landin The People's Daily Morning Star
Bernard certainly is a socialist and accepts and understands the class division. The very wealthy run the society because of their wealth. They control the economy, and they control politics because the money they get from the economy helps them to do so. It’s not their actions, it’s not even their school that’s the problem, the problem is their function in society.


Bernie Sanders, Union-Buster

More than a dozen local labor organizations have endorsed the Vermont senator, even though their national leaders have picked Hillary Clinton.
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