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Union and Queer

Jim Grossfeld The American Prospect
The growing solidarity between unions and the LGBTQ+ community is key component of the revitalization of the labor movement.


Alia Shawkat And Laia Costa On Duck Butter’s Sexy Queer Utopia

Rachel Handler Vulture
Duck Butter is a raw, funny, deeply intimate and utterly unique film, co-written by Shawkat and directed by Miguel Arteta, the man behind The Good Girl and last year’s Beatriz at Dinner. It was almost entirely improvised — and was originally written to star a heterosexual couple.


Love Control: The Hidden History of Wonder Woman

Kent Worcester New Politics
The study of comic books has emerged in the last decade or so as a serious academic discipline. And it's about time. It's not news to many people that the stories and art found in these little magazines are not only entertaining; they also contain interesting, and sometimes profound, social content. Kent Worcester looks at three new books on Wonder Woman, the comic that emerged during World War II and was an early harbinger of feminist ideas.
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