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Georgia, One of the Least Safe States for Women

Samantha Hogan Governing
Women across the state are dying from pregnancy-related causes at the highest rate that has been documented by the state in the past decade. Between 35 and 40 mothers die every year.

‘Don’t Let the Chain of Freedom Break at Your Link’

Loretta Ross and Scot Nakagawa Convergence
We have three different kinds of allies: potential, problematic and proven. They all have the most important word in there: ally. But we need different strategies for each because we’ve got to unite all of them against the actual fascists.

Beyond Racial Liberalism

Felicia Wong and Kyle Strickland Democracy Journal
Victory requires the long view: the values and ideas that must animate our new fight for racial justice.

Keith Ellison’s Narrow Victory

William P. Jones Dissent
Minnesotans voted to reelect the attorney general who prosecuted Derek Chauvin. The result holds important lessons for the Democratic Party on its approach to criminal justice.

Race Is Always on the Ballot

Rev. Graylan Scott Hagler Waging Nonviolence
While we breathe a collective sigh of relief that a "red wave" did not manifest, the fight for civil rights and inclusion is far from over.

Critical Race Feminism and Common Good Unionism

Stacy Davis Gates, Sheri Davis, Marilyn Sneiderman and Alisha Volante NonProfit Quarterly
When Bargaining for the Common Good is done well it models an alternative way to theorize the root causes of oppression, to take action with impacted communities to remedy the problem, and to reflect on what liberation looks....

Los Angeles Is Creating a Model for Fighting Mass Incarceration

Mark Engler and Paul Engler Dissent
Abolitionists and advocates of criminal justice reform in Los Angeles County have amassed some impressive victories, laying out a vision for reducing incarceration and providing care that could have national significance.
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