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Friday Nite Videos | July 15, 2022

Bannon Confirms Leaked Audio Of Trump Plan To ‘Declare Himself Winner.’ King Clave | Planet Drum. The Replacement Conspiracy Inspiring Mass Shootings. Debunking the Latest Corporate Climate Lie. What Are We Seeing in the New Space Telescope Images?

The End of Terrorism

Arun Gupta teleSUR English
Calling Roof a terrorist helps historicize the nature of organized violence against African-Americans and other oppressed communities. But it needs to be done with an eye to dismantling the architecture of the war on terror.

The South's Sordid History of Attacks on Black Churches

Chris Kromm Facing South
The Charleston massacre is the latest in the long record of attacks on Southern black churches. Historically law enforcement officials have refused to consider them hate crimes unless the suspects had direct ties to Klan-like groups, thus ignoring the societal role of racism. But most of these hate crimes are committed by unaffiliated young white males who grow up in a pervasive culture of racism that scapegoats African Americans and others for their economic hardship.

A Remembrance: Dr. Ossian Sweet’s Black Life Mattered

Heather Bourbeau JSTOR Daily
Ossian Sweet rose from humble beginnings and became a doctor who tried to help the poor. His story is admirable. In a better world, it would be fairly unremarkable. But Dr. Sweet was African American in the 1920s, and his life tells the story of race struggles in this country—then and now. Unfortunately, his life also shines a light on issues still facing black Americans today: not just segregation, but also injustice at the hands of those meant to keep the peace.

The Chapel Hill Murders: Why Muslim Lives Don’t Matter

Nadia El-Zein Tonova and Khaled A. Beydoun AlJazeera America
The aftermath of the murder of the three American students in Chapel Hill reconfirms the truth that Muslim lives matter only when they're villains not victims. But the responsibility extends beyond the media. Government-run programs targeting Muslims as "enemy combatants", "national security risks", and "unassimilable", affix the state seal of approval on the vilification of Muslim Americans, stirring Islamophobia and spurring violence.

Lynching as Racial Terrorism

The Editorial Board The New York Times
A new report argues persuasively that the history of 'racial terror lynching' needs to be properly commemorated and more widely discussed before the United States can fully understand the causes and origins of the racial injustice that hobbles the country to this day.
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