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The Nuclear Site That Can’t Be Cleaned Up

Ron Jacobs The Progressive
‘Atomic Days: The Untold Story of the Most Toxic Place in America’ exposes the story of a Washington state complex that poses dangers that—like the nuclear industry itself—cannot be contained.

Fukushima: A Lasting Tragedy

H. Patricia Hynes Portside
The United States, the largest owner of nuclear power plants, promotes nuclear power as “safe and clean energy,” a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The Long Road to Nuclear Justice for the Marshallese People

Olivia Paschal Facing South
U.S. nuclear testing resulted in entire islands vaporized and others uninhabitable due to radioactive fallout, displacing thousands of Marshallese people — many of whom out of necessity now live in the country whose government uprooted them...

West Lake story: An Underground Fire, Radioactive Waste, and Governmental Failure

Robert Alvarez Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
The wastes sent to West Lake have most of the uranium removed from them, but they include concentrated radioactive decay products, some of which are tens of thousands of times more radioactive than the parent uranium. Because they are so highly radioactive, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health found that the West Lake landfill holds the “worst” of the Mallinckrodt wastes.
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