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Dr. King's Radical Internationalism is More Important Than Ever

Critical Resistance Critical Resistance
It was Dr. King’s radical shift towards internationalism, anti-capitalism, and anti-imperialism that frightened those in power by challenging their ability to use alternate methods of control in the post-civil rights era.

Syriza - The "Small Party" in Power

Catarina Príncipe and George Souvlis Jacobin
How do Syriza's origins and Greece's political economy affect its capacity to govern? Jacobin interviews Michalis Nikolakakis, political adviser to the minister of economy, infrastructure, maritime affairs and tourism. Before joining Syriza, Nikolakakis was also active in the youth wing of Synaspismos. Here he discusses the origins of the Greek crisis, the relationship between Syriza and the state, and what accounts for the rise of the radical left in Greece.
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