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The GOP-Speaker-Vote Burlesque

Tom Nichols The Atlantic
If you think the crisis of American democracy is over, the circus in the House should remind you that a significant portion of the Republican Party has no interest in governing, policy, or democracy itself.

The Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America

Chuck Idelson Portside
The Orwellian use of language is central. “Liberty,” “individual rights” and a “free society” are code terms for discriminatory and anti-democratic legislation.

Democracy's Critics

Colin Gordon Jacobin
You can't understand the modern right without understanding their fundamental contempt for democracy.


Koch World

Tom Gallagher Los Angeles Review of Books
Mayer charts the domestic far-right effort to remake the political system through foundations, think tanks, university institutes, paid political commentators and huge campaign contributions by heirs to energy giant Koch Industries. One strategist admitted, "We want to decrease regulations. Why? It's because we can make more profit, okay?" Yet selling that line is hard. So they pose that ameliorative legislation denies the "opportunity for earned success" to the poor.

Dispatches from the Culture Wars - Be Careful What You Wish For edition

Published by Portside
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