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Measure Leaders by What They Leave Behind

Lauren Jacobs Organizing Upgrade
How will we use our talents and skills to best meet the challenges of these times? How will we do what the movement most needs us to do? The answers can only be unearthed in community, within organizations, or the circles to which we are accountable.

Leaders Need to Build Peer Accountability

Cathy Dang-Santa Anna Organizing Upgrade
To build a strong and durable left, healthy leadership and process is necessary. When accountability can be built, it makes for a stronger organization, and if it’s successful, leadership isn’t so lonely and exhausting.


Have We Built the Committee?

Seth Newton Patel Working USA
Organizing practice and research have shown that the recruitment and development of grassroots worker leadership is key to winning organizing, contract, and political campaigns. Despite the broad endorsement of leadership-development organizing and a collection of truly inspiring leadership development stories, when asked, worker leaders consistently report varieties of leadership underdevelopment.
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