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Instagram & Facebook Remove Posts Offering Abortion Pills

Amanda Seitz Associated Press (AP)
Memes and status updates explaining how women could legally obtain abortion pills in the mail exploded across social platforms. Some even offered to mail the prescriptions to women living in states that now ban the procedure. Facebook removed them

Reproductuve Health Care On the Line: Whose Fight?

Nicole Knight, Auditi Guha Rewire
Anti-choice lawmakers’ attacks on independent abortion clinics are working. Fifty-six independent abortion clinics have closed over the past two years, and 145 have shut down since 2012. And a new report documents that Black people back comprehensive reproductive health care. Eighty-nine percent support a person's right to abortion care and 75 percent don’t want to see Roe v. Wade overturned.


"Care in Chaos": New Documentary Uncovers Rising Tide of Attacks on Abortion Clinics Under Trump

Amy Goodman Democracy Now!
A new documentary by Rewire chronicles the rising tide of harassment and violence against abortion providers and clinics under the Trump administration. Called "Care in Chaos," it features Calla Hales, director of A Preferred Women’s Health Center, one of the busiest abortion clinics in North Carolina. She faces a gauntlet of harassment, threats and physical violence just to do her job.
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