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In Support of Reproductive Justice

National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) National Women’s Studies Association
We strongly condemn the current attacks on reproductive choice and add our voice to the chorus of opposition. Autonomy over our bodies, including our reproductive choices, is fundamental.

A (Real) Strike to Fight for Abortion Rights

Tatiana Cozzarelli, Ezra Brain and Olivia Wood Left Voice
women demonstrating for abortion rights The only way to resist this is to build a strong and unified class solidarity among the working class—not just for wage demands but also for reproductive rights and the rights of all oppressed people.

Why D.C. Statehood Is a Reproductive Justice Issue

Shireen Rose Shakouri Rewire
Inseparable from the struggle for reproductive justice and individual bodily autonomy is Washington DC's fight for the rights held by other citizens of this country: to hold our elected officials accountable for delivering the resources we need to foster safe and healthy communities.

‘The Calm in This Storm’: Reproductive Rights Leaders Reflect on Cecile Richards’ Legacy

Caitlin Cruz Rewire
Planned Parenthood under Richards took deliberate steps to improve its engagement with Black women and other women of color as an organization. But there is still work to be done: The next leader must be someone with the skills of managing a large multi-state organization, but also needs to be a leader who understands white supremacy and the role race plays in reproductive care
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