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Friday Nite Videos | March 22, 2024

RFK Jr. Is a Real-Time Nightmare. Mary Lou Fulton | Many More Of Us. The Captured Supreme Court. New Research Suggests That Our Universe Has No Dark Matter. The Growing Rift Between Gen Z Boys and Girls.

Mary Lou Fulton | Many More Of Us

Combine the fight for women's freedom with a funky groove and you get Many More of Us, a new rocker from award-winning songwriter Mary Lou Fulton.

Friday Nite Videos | March 8, 2024

Eagle Pass Residents Sound Off on the Real "Invasion. " The IRS Files: How Billionaires Avoid Taxes. This Video Game Software Helps Us Do Paleontology. Working Families Party Responds to State of the Union. Biden Takes Down Supreme Court Justices.

The Danger of Abortion ‘Compromise’

Erika Christensen Abortion, Every Day
If we want to build a strong, safe world for pregnant people and our families, let’s start with a floor we can all stand on. Policies that claim to keep the government out of abortion are being written to criminalize abortion later in pregnancy.

Traveling for Abortions: The Untold Story

Katelyn Jetelina Your Local Epdemiologist
An increasing number of women are traveling out of state for reproductive healthcare. This journey isn’t without very real obstacles. The most tragic part is much of the associated trauma is preventable if we just had access to local healthcare.

The States Where Abortion Could Be on the Ballot in 2024

Grace Panetta 19th News
Here’s an overview of where abortion will — and could be — directly on the ballot in 2024, how many signatures organizers need to collect and the challenges advocates are facing in the states.
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