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Friday Nite Videos | March 9, 2018

Why Robert Mueller Is Saving Trump Aide Roger Stone for Last. Oscar Brown Jr. | The Snake. Get Me Roger Stone | Documentary. John Oliver | NRA TV. Trump's White House Has 'No Chaos.'


Trump's White House Has 'No Chaos'

After Trump tweets that there's "no chaos, only great energy" in the White House, Kellyanne Conway is accused of violating the Hatch Act, senior economic adviser Gary Cohn resigns, and Stormy Daniels sues the president for failing to sign his own NDA.

Friday Nite Videos | Feb 9, 2018

Russia Hacks Voter Rolls & Rob Porter Resigns. "Unforgettable." Why Is the Naked Mole Rat So Weird? Our Cartoon President | Series Premiere. A Persuasive Case That Presidents Can Be Indicted.

Our Cartoon President | Series Premiere

The President tries to revive his low approval ratings by delivering the greatest State of the Union speech in history and to strengthen his relationship with First Lady Melania by naming her the national bird. Executive Producer Stephen Colbert.

Friday Nite Videos | Jan 26, 2018

Kate McKinnon Does Robert Mueller. Destruction – Trump vs Global Warming Music Video. The Larry Nassar Verdict. The GOP's Anti-FBI Memo. Movie | Three Billboards.

Stephen Bites Into a Juicy New Book

With an assist from Donald Trump's cease and desist order, Michael Wolff's bombshell book is spilling secrets and breaking sales records.

Friday Nite Videos | December 15, 2017

Black Women Save America from Roy Moore. "I Want a Marriage Like They Had in the Bible." Doug Jones Wins in Alabama; Moore, Bannon and Trump Lose. How to Be the Perfect Rape Victim. R.I.P. The Internet.
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