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Friday Nite Videos | July 6, 2018

Workplace Safety: Gun Edition. What Is the Tragedy of the Commons? Movie | Won't You Be My Neighbor? Exposed: Betsy DeVos’s Record Of Dismantling Student Protections. Noam Chomsky: From Geopolitical Conflict to Nuclear Abolition.

Friday Nite Videos | June 22, 2018

The Little Girls Blocking President Donald Trump. Battle Hymn of the Republic - Modified for Relevance. Separated From Her Mother at the Border, a Six-Year-Old Finds Her Own Way. Who is Stephen Miller? CEOs Profiting From Immigrant Detention.

Friday Nite Videos | June 1, 2018

Greatest Scam Ever: Televangelist Begs for a Private Jet. Dave Van Ronk | He Was a Friend of Mine. Why Did Two Sexes Evolve? Conservatives Narrow Down the Real Cause of Gun Violence. Supreme Court Ordered Desegregation, Conservatives Demolish Public Education.

Friday Nite Videos | April 27, 2018

Pain and Terror: America Remembers Lynching. All Along the Watchtower | Playing for Change. How Michael Cohen Pleading the 5th Could Backfire on Donald Trump. Trump Freaks Out on Fox & Friends. Kanye West Ignites a Debate About Racism.

Friday Nite Videos | March 9, 2018

Why Robert Mueller Is Saving Trump Aide Roger Stone for Last. Oscar Brown Jr. | The Snake. Get Me Roger Stone | Documentary. John Oliver | NRA TV. Trump's White House Has 'No Chaos.'
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