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Friday Nite Videos | May 10, 2024

The Most Shocking Billionaire Interview. Henry Ford versus Karl Marx | Epic Rap Battles of History. Gaza, Gaza. Smoking Is Awesome. Why Trump's Lawyer Called Him the 'Orange Turd.'

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The Most Shocking Billionaire Interview

Jeff Yass is a mega-billionaire who does not believe income inequality exists. He's the largest election donor in 2024.

Henry Ford v. Karl Marx | Epic Rap Battles of History

The king of capitalism goes head to head against the father of communism in an epic rap battle of history!

Gaza, Gaza

Probably the most famous actor in Germany, Dieter #Hallervorden, sides with the people of Gaza and for a peaceful future for Israel

Smoking Is Awesome

Smoking is way more than a physical addiction; it creates a temporary problem and offers an instant solution. One drag and instantly you feel really good.

Why Trump's Lawyer Called Him the 'Orange Turd'

In cross-examining Stormy Daniels, Trump’s lawyer Susan Necheles attempted to mischaracterize Daniels’ description of Donald Trump. Here's what happened next.

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