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Friday Nite Videos | June 11, 2021

How Radical Gardeners Took Back New York City. Mdou Moctar | Chismiten. “Takeover”: New Doc Chronicles Historic 1970 Young Lords Occupation of Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. Is Most Published Research Wrong? Jordan Klepper Solves Guns.

Friday Nite Videos | April 2, 2021

Why Matt Gaetz Is a Product of the Modern Republican Party | Mehdi Hasan. Louis Armstrong - Go Down Moses (Lyrics). Cranky Uncle's 5 Techniques of Science Denial. Lawsuits Put 45 in 'Serious Trouble.' Does My Neighborhood Determine My Future?

Scientists Against Science Denialism and Pseudoscience

Orac Respectful Insolence
It’s not enough to know the science (or history). You have to know the pseudoscience (or pseudohistory) inside and out. You have to know how science has been twisted, the studies that pseudoscientists will reference, and how they will misrepresent them. It takes a special skill set to combat pseudoscience and science denialism, and few academics have it.

Inoculating Against Science Denial

John Cook The Conversation
Ironically, throwing more science at science denial ignores the social science research into denial. You can’t adequately address science denial without considering the root cause: the ideology driving the rejection. The way to inoculate people against anti-scientific myths is to explain the fallacy employed by the myth. Once people understand the techniques used to distort the science, they can reconcile the myth with the fact.
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