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Israel Adopts Controversial Jewish 'Nation State' Law

Reuters; Jewish Voice for Peace The Guardian
Israel passed a law on today to declare that only Jews have the right of self-determination in the country, something members of the Arab minority called racist and verging on apartheid. Racist and discriminatory practices against non-Jews are legal.

Major Decisions Face Québec Solidaire at its Forthcoming Congress

Richard Fidler The Socialist Project (Canada)
Quebec's broad party of the left, Québec solidaire (QS), congress opens May 19 in Montréal – the 12th congress in its 11-year history. The delegates face a challenging agenda: the final stage of adoption of the party's detailed program, a process begun eight years ago; discussion of possible alliances with other parties and some social movements including a proposed fusion with another pro-independence party, Option nationale; and renewal of the party's top leadership.

Scottish Nationalism and British Nationalism Aren’t the Same

Billy Bragg The Guardian
Some on the left seem to think voting against the Westminster status quo is an act of class betrayal. This is plainly not true. People who can explain in minute detail the many forms of socialism on offer at any demo or conference seem incapable of differentiating when it comes to nationalists.
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