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Organizing the South: We Look Back To Move Ahead

Ben Wilkins Convergence
Taken together, the history, economy & ruling ideology of the US South make it difficult to build workers’ power. But armed with the lessons from the CIO’s Operation Dixie, & fueled by the momentum of recent victories, organizers see a way forward.


Union and Queer

Jim Grossfeld The American Prospect
The growing solidarity between unions and the LGBTQ+ community is key component of the revitalization of the labor movement.


On the Long Road to Organizing a Starbucks Union

Brendan Maslauskas Dunn Shadowproof
As Starbucks Workers United expands from shop to shop, workers face an onslaught of union-busting tactics. But union fever is spreading rapidly as workers at over 400 locations have filed petitions for union elections, with more planning to do so. 
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