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A Legacy of Plunder

Francisco Cantú The New York Review
In its reexamination of entrenched narratives about the expropriation of Native land, Michael Witgen’s work is changing how Native people are situated in the arc of North American history.

Children Are the First To Die

Judith Van Allen Africa is a Country
There is a particular historical pattern of colonial settler genocide that links Africa to Palestine.

Contest or Conquest?

Daniel Immerwahr Harpers Magazine
A provocative history of Indigenous America. How best to tell the story of oppressed peoples? By chronicling the hardships they’ve faced? Or by highlighting their triumphs over adversity?

No Room for Love in Apartheid Israel

Izzeddin Araj Mondoweiss
The right to intimacy serves as both a realm of domination as well as a form of resistance under Israeli settler-colonialism.


Radical Justice

Dana Dunham The Chicago Review of Books
This 2022 Pulitzer Prize winner in history is a tale of crime, racism, power, and the conflict between punitive and restorative justice in settler-colonial North America.


Utopia’s Settler Colonialism Problem

Jessica Namakkal Los Angeles Review of Books
Whatever their promises, one problem with Utopias is that the creators of such communities tend to bring with them the values and habits they thought they were leaving behind. Reviewer Namakkal discusses a book about one such settlement.
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