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What Is the Tragedy of the Commons?

What happens when individuals each seek to exploit a shared resource without rules that protect the common good? Another story of markets being irrational. 

On-Demand Taskers: Expanding the Ranks of the "Precariat"

Guy Standing Working-Class Perspectives
Revolutionary changes are taking place in the global labor process. Observers predict that within the next decade, one in every three labor transactions will be done online, carried out by “taskers” with no job security, low and fluctuating incomes, perpetual uncertainty, and no control over time. British social scientist Guy Standing describes the role of these taskers, who are expanding the ranks of the “precariat” in the so-called “sharing” economy.


Against Sharing

Avi Asher-Schapiro Jacobin
“Sharing economy” companies like Uber shift risk from corporations to workers, weaken labor protections, and drive down wages.
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